The Voyager With Josh Garcia

Josh visits Playa del Carmen where he snorkels with a marine biologist to understand efforts being taken to conserve Mexico’s coral reefs, and visits a Mayan town square and watches the Danza de los Voladores; daredevil men fly around a 150-foot pole representing the world tree in an elaborate ritual that is believed to please gods and bring rain, as well as ensure a plentiful harvest.

Josh Garcia is an Emmy-nominated travel show host and video journalist who has worked for NBC, GoogleTalks, TEDx and National Geographic. Josh’s dynamic presentation inspires not only his fellow travelers but minorities, LGBT communities and anyone listening.

At 9 PM ET every Friday evening on KABC Channel 7 Litton Adventures and on OceanView Mobile TV streaming service provided by Carnival Corporation available on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices as well as via its website you can watch The Voyager with Josh Garcia; among the experiential Ocean Originals are Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin and Vacation Creation.

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