What Games Have Free Spins in Konami Slots?

Konami is well-renowned as one of the pioneering video game companies of history, but they also boast an extensive slot machine portfolio. Ranging from basic 3-wheel machines to advanced Advantage Revolution systems that combine mechanical reels with multi-line play, touch screen games and progressive bonuses – Konami offers something for every taste in slot gaming!

Not only can Konami slot machines offer free spins, but some also have an exclusive bonus feature called Mirror Reel that increases a player’s odds of claiming larger jackpots. It allows them to observe two rightmost and leftmost reels mirror each other for increased chances of claiming jackpots; available on some of Konami’s most popular casino games such as Egyptian Eyes and Full Moon Diamond.

Fortune Stacks stands out from other games by having action-stacked symbols which randomly replace symbols during free spins, offering up to 5x multipliers during these bonuses – providing high-denomination machines with large payouts! Clairvoyant Cat also stands out with its special bonus feature of up to 25 free spins per spin!

Konami focuses mainly on slot machines, leaving table and live dealer games to other developers; however, they have still created some outstanding titles. Their themes range from Asian traditions to fantasy, magic and animals – some such as Golden Wolves and Dynamite Dash have highly detailed graphics while other such as China Shores and Wings of the Phoenix use simpler images while providing an equally enjoyable gaming experience.

Konami slots stand out among competitors by offering players an exciting choice between a safe smaller payout or taking risks for a potentially bigger jackpot jackpot. This keeps gameplay exciting while not taking up too much time playing! This makes Konami slots perfect for people with limited playtime who still want an engaging gaming experience.

Konami slot games often feature special symbols that provide extra free spins or multipliers, usually appearing stacked. They may appear during both normal play and bonus rounds and could potentially even morph into wilds for even greater odds of big wins!

Konami slots feature various kinds of progressive jackpots that can be won during regular and bonus rounds, from game specific ones such as Castlevania: Labyrinth of Love to denomination-based ones such as Money Galaxy Radiant Witch with fixed jackpots that increase in value until one lucky player hits it! For instance, some such as Castlevania: Labyrinth of Love can award minigames upon landing attack or damage symbols on reels to activate minigames wherein different options must be selected in order to advance to next levels where players may win prizes based on what option(s) they select in order to advance to next levels, with prizes awarded upon selecting options or selecting different options available in order to advance levels while others such as Money Galaxy Radiant Witch feature fixed jackpots which increase in value until one lucky player manages to scoop this particular jackpot!

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