What Sporting Events Are Happening Today?

What Sporting Events Are Happening Now? Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, numerous major sporting events have been postponed or cancelled, making this list obsolete quickly. We advise signing up for our On Location newsletter so that we can inform you about upcoming events and news in real-time.

This week’s sporting highlights include Coventry City versus Maidstone United in the FA Cup on Monday; Colorado Avalanche taking on Dallas Stars in NHL action on Tuesday and Los Angeles Clippers facing Indiana Pacers in NBA action on Wednesday; as well as this, this week also marks the World Athletics Indoor Championships taking place.

Sports events captivate audiences worldwide due to their unpredictability, drama and sheer spectacle. These events push the limits of human achievement while uniting people from various walks of life with an electrifying atmosphere that’s hard to miss.

New York City is home to some of the greatest teams in sports: Giants, Jets, Yankees (NFL), Brooklyn Nets and Knicks (NBA), New York City FC (MLS) and New York Liberty (WNBA). Each has made history over time while boasting world-renowned venues that have solidified their status in history books and on sports fanatics’ minds alike.