How Do You Play the Lottery Game Lucky For Life?

LUCKY FOR LIFE lottery game could become your new morning alarm’s best friend! For just $2 per play, LUCKY FOR LIFE gives you the chance to win up to an annual top prize of $1,000 a day for life and second prize of $25,000 annually – as well as other cash prizes of $3 up to $5,000! Choose your own numbers or use Quick Pick; whether looking ahead to new adventures or needing assistance now, this could be just what’s needed.

The Lucky for Life drawing takes place every day at approximately 10:35 pm Eastern. Check our Daily Drawings page to view past results and watch if you are one of our lucky winners!

If you are lucky enough to match all five white Lucky for Life numbers and the yellow Lucky Ball number, the top prize of $1,000 a day for life awaits! However, other prizes can still be won by matching fewer numbers or just the Lucky Ball – please see the Prize Chart for further details.

To play Lucky for Life, choose five numbers between 1 and 48 and 18 for your Lucky Ball selection or use Quick Pick option to randomly generate numbers from 1-18. After selecting your numbers, take your playslip to any Lottery retailer for processing – then sit back and enjoy your chances at success!

Once purchased, tickets cannot be cancelled; however if you find that they are unusable for whatever reason, they can still be redeemed by taking them back to a Lottery Retailer and asking for REPLAY tickets, which will have “R” printed on them.

Consider each number when choosing your lucky number, taking note of its meaning and vibrations. Every number carries unique vibrations and energy that may bring good fortune or decisions that lead to success; number two for example can bring independence and individuality while symbolizing new beginnings. Our Lucky Number Calculator makes finding your lucky number easy! Just enter your name and date of birth into it!

Lucky for Life can be enjoyed online, by phone and at a Lottery retailer in your state. All players aged 18 or over may purchase tickets using debit card (where accepted by retailers) or electronic check payment options. If you require assistance regarding the rules in your state please reach out directly to a Lottery retailer; all winning numbers must be claimed within 180 days from drawing date – by doing so you agree to allow DC Lottery use your name, city state prize amount in print/electronic media without notice and Prize amounts may fluctuate without notice – complete information can be found on our Rules page