WhatsApp Business – A New Way to Communicate With Your Customers

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app used by millions of consumers. But it’s also becoming an important tool for business communication.

By using WhatsApp business, you can offer better customer service and create a more personalized experience for your customers. Here are some tips to help you use WhatsApp business effectively.

What is WhatsApp Business?

As customers demand a more direct, personalised experience, small business owners are shifting away from traditional marketing channels such as email and social media to WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business offers a suite of tools to help businesses reach out to their customers, including messaging features, streamlined organisation and analytics tools.

A WhatsApp Business account is a separate app for your business, allowing you to use a dedicated number for all work-related communication and keeping your personal number private. It also gives you a dashboard with analytics and tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

It allows you to create a business profile, which displays your contact information and working hours to build trust. It also lets you send quick replies to frequently asked questions, as well as customise greeting messages for new and returning customers. In addition, it can be integrated with your website or e-commerce platform to allow customers to instantly chat with you.

How to Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account

A WhatsApp Business account gives your customers a way to easily reach you. It can be used to provide support, answer product queries, or reschedule appointments. The app also includes message templates, quick replies, and other features that help businesses better engage with their audience.

The first step is to download the WhatsApp Business app. Once the app is installed, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have done that, you will be prompted to enter your business number. You can either use your current number or get a new one that is dedicated to WhatsApp Business. It is recommended that you use a new number.

After entering your business number, you will be prompted to set up your Business profile. This is where you can add your company name, business category, a profile picture, and your working hours. You can also add your website and email address to give your business a more professional look.

What are the Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business?

When it comes to customer communication, WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool that helps you build personal connections with your customers at scale. It allows businesses to share product updates, launch marketing campaigns and communicate with their audiences in a more personalised way than email or traditional SMS.

You can also use WhatsApp Business to provide customer support, send catalogues and automate messages for a more efficient and effective experience. You can also monitor key metrics such as response times and engagement rates to improve your communication strategy over time.

What’s more, WhatsApp Business is free to use – just like the regular consumer version of the app. This allows small businesses and independent entrepreneurs to conduct a highly targeted, highly personalised communication campaign without having to rely on external agencies or spend money unnecessarily. And as an added bonus, you get a green tick on your profile to show users that you are a verified business.

How to Manage Your WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Business has a number of features that help businesses manage their customer communications. These include the ability to create a business profile, showcase product catalogs, define working hours and respond to customers with custom automated messages.

With the Business Profile feature, you can add a description of your business, email and phone contact details, and your store or office address. This helps you build brand loyalty and trust with your customers. WhatsApp Business also allows you to verify your business account so that users can be assured that they’re talking to a genuine business.

Other features of WhatsApp Business include the ability to label chats, set custom away messages and use broadcast messaging. You can also use the Business API to connect multiple devices to a single WhatsApp account. This can be especially helpful for companies with large customer support teams or those who need to scale their communication. Tools like DelightChat make it easy for you to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts using the official API.